What are the benefits of a Splash Pad?

  • A great way to stay cool without a pool!
  • Fun AND safe for all ages
  • Increases your home and property values
  • Contractors - Splash Pads work great as upgrades!
  • More affordable than a pool
  • Non-slip surfaces keep you safe
  • An inch of standing water minimizes evaporation and keeps toddlers safe
  • Quick installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customizable
  • We can travel to your location! (travel expenses will be included within bid)

Are Splash Pads safe?

Yes! With only about an inch of water on the surface, Splash Pads are safe for all ages - even toddlers. Non-slip durable surfaces and textured stamped concrete allow for a high-grip surface to play on.

How much do Splash Pads cost?

Most residential Splash Pads start at $8,000. Larger residential pads may cost up to $20,000. Non-slip, UV-resistant durable surfaces are available as an upgrade. Small Commercial pads start at $30,000. We offer customization with every Splash Pad we build, and work within your budget and needs. Please contact us for a quote!

What size and shape of Splash Pad is right for me?

We can help you determine this with a quote. The right size and shape of your pad depends on the size and shape of the area you're interested inĀ building it. Splash Pads can fit almost anywhere, and can serve as "space savers" in small backyards by doubling as a patio. "Play" pads are usually larger than "landscape only" pads. Residential Splash Pads start at 10x15 or 150 square feet.

Will a Splash Pad increase my utility costs with water and electricity?

Not drastically. There will be a minimal increase of both your water and electrical bills while running a splash pad regularly. Compared with a pool, this increase is only very slight. Our water system cleans and re-circulates water to reduce water waste.

What maintenance is required for a Splash Pad?

Minimal maintenance is required. In most regions, only a winterization (about October) and a start-up session (about April) are needed. These sessions keep pipes from freezing and help keep your pad clean and functioning. Additional monitoring and cleaning can be requested throughout the year for a nominal price.

Can I combine other water features - like waterfalls, pools, etc - to my Splash Pad?

Absolutely! Many homeowners like to incorporate their Splash Pad into their preexisting landscape features. Other homeowners like to incorporate a splash park or water park feel to their backyard. We build waterfalls, grottoes, and other small water features, but do not have the capabilities of building a pool. We are happy to work with a pool company to create multi-feature products.